global transaction security

Charge Verify uses countless factors to analyze your transactions and protect your business. Our service leams and adapts to your unique industry specific needs to provide maximum fraud and abuse prevention with minimal volume impact. Our technology is based on 4 major components wording together to increase your bottom line.

  • PositiveID
  • Compliance Shield
  • Fraud Fingerprint
  • Risk Analyzer


Our proprietary PositiveID algorithms ensure your customer is who they say they are. By referencing multiple personal data sources combined with geo-location and credit verification, we are able to determine your customer's authenticity.

Once a fraudster successfully gains paid access to your Website they are highly motivated to repeat the process over and over again. Our powerful cross-reference matrix system weeds out multiple accounts from the same person, regardless of how many credit cards or personal information variations they have, limiting your risk and enforcing your Company's policies.

Compliance Shield

In today's highly regulated online payment environment, a typical merchant account audit can have disastrous consequences. Our proprietary Compliance Shield technology identifies when your website is being audited by card association compliance personnel and prevents any transactions being sent to your payment gateway. You chose if they are declined, or routed to a more appropriate payment stream. With Compliance Shield, they won't even get in the front door, unless you open it for them.

Fraud Fingerprint

Credit card fraud is a booming industry. With millions of credit card numbers stolen each year, fraudsters have ample opportunity to undermine your company's profitability. Millions of dollars are lost each year in stolen products, service subscriptions, andaffiliate program exploits.

Internet criminals, like all criminals, repeat the same acts over and over again perfecting their skills as they go along. But the internet is unique, because it has to be accessed via devices and networks that have identifiable factors. With our Fraud Fingerprint technology, we are able to identify devices and networks previously used for internet fraud. And we can block them from accessing your site. The criminal's only alternative is to attack your competitors.

Risk Analyzer

New and ongoing customers present different and challenging obstacles in regards to fraud and chargeback mitigation. Reducing risk while avoiding unnecessary transaction denials is a delicate balancing act.

Industries with high numbers of reoccurring transactions have to manage an ever increasing concentration of cumulative risk. A single established customer may initiate dozens of chargebacks totaling thousands of dollars without any previous warning.

Our Risk Analyzer solution tracks changes in the customer's profile, credit score, and spending patterns.

Established customers that initiate multiple chargebacks will almost always have changes in one or more of these areas well in advance initiating the chargeback.

We can apply this powerful solution to your unique business model to manage transaction limits, recurring charge events, and charge distribution in real time. At Charge Verify, we work with you to find this balance and maximize your company's profitability.