global transaction security

Our combined technologies work in many different ways to protect your business. Each industry has specific unique threats, bit similar vehicles to combat those threats. Please contact us for an depth explanation of how our unique products can protect your business, increase profitability, and reduce fraud, chargebacks, and abuse.

Affiliate Programs

One of the most serious threats any affiliate program faces is affiliate fraud. CPA and recurring revenue programs are faced with an alarming rate of affiliate fraud. We insure the identity of your affiliates and the authenticity of your customers so you can focus on building your business.

  • Block fake and fraudulent accounts
  • Reduce fraudulent Affiliates
  • Reduce CPA and recurring payout program commissions fraud
  • Reduce associated chargebacks


eCommerce provides a significant risk to merchants in loss of product due to fraud and friendly chargebacks. Charge Verify manages this risk and allows you to sell with confidence.

  • Verify your customer's identity
  • Reduce payment fraud
  • Reduce chargebacks


Recurring subscriptions present an opportunity for massive chargebacks. Eliminating fraud at the outset saves thousands in lost service and chargeback fees associated with multiple subscriptions periods.

  • Reduce chargebacks
  • Reduce lost services revenue

Age restricted websites and products

Verifying the age of your customer is a challenge. In today's world the consequences of minors accessing age restricted products and materials can be very costly. Our services provide you with confidence that you are protecting both minors and your business by using industry leading identification verification technology.

  • Verify your customer's identity
  • Intelligently limit transaction amounts without losing sales
  • Maintain industry compliance

Dating and social networks

Online dating and social outlets are havens for abuse. We help you block fake member accounts designed to exploit your program.

  • Verify your customer's identity
  • Stop member SPAM and fake social interactions
  • Reduce cyber stalkers and harassment.
  • Reduce chargebacks
  • Reduce payment fraud

Online Gaming

Online Gaming operators have one of the most complex payment risk management challenges of all online businesses.

This complexity is a result of:

  • Card association regulations
  • Governmental regulations
  • High transaction velocity per customer
  • Multiple account abuse
  • Friendly chargebacks

Regulations have made it increasingly difficult to process gaming deposits and the consequences for non-compliance have never been more severe. Verifying your customer's true identity is an important factor in mitigating all types of regulatory risk and one of the core factors of our services.

The gaming industry covets the VIP customer, but with this customer comes a different type of risk management challenge. Recent trends are showing huge increases in "friendly" chargebacks from VIP customers and these trends have created a new risk assessment challenge. Our technology will help you identity future problem customers before they become a problem.

  • Maintain merchant account compliance.
  • Reduce player fraud
  • Reduce chargebacks
  • Intelligently limit transactions.